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We say it all the time but I'll say it again here for those who may have missed it - Precious Paws Rescue is (and always has been) run ENTIRELY by volunteers. People who have families of their own, jobs of their own, pets of their own and busy lives of their own. But they give up even more of themselves for this amazing cause because they care about the animals we make a difference for.

The Changing Face of Precious Paws Rescue

Once in a while I sit and look back at the journey that Precious Paws has taken me on over the last 12 years. When I started the rescue I was a new grad (veterinary technology) and had recently moved to Barrie. I was single, had 2 dogs, and had just started my career in a vet clinic. I had been working and volunteering in the animal rescue world for 7 years by then and I saw a need for a local rescue in our area. But I hesitated.